Children’s services

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This section is about the services provided to children and families aimed at keeping you safe and supporting you. It looks at your rights as a child in care, adoption and what you can do if you’re homeless.


  • My parent hurts me and I’ve left home as I cannot put up with it anymore, what can I do?

    You should to speak to an adult that you trust and let Children’s Services know about what has been happening to you. If you are at risk Children’s Services have to take action to protect you and keep you somewhere safe. If you want to speak to someone anonymously you can contact Childline on 0800 1111. You can also contact the police in an emergency.

  • I am a child in need, what does this mean?

    You may be a child in need if you have a disability or you need extra help for your development or health needs and Children’s Services agree that you need support. Children’s Services will make a “child in need” plan which will set out the support you will get, for example, advice, guidance and counselling, money, education or changes to your home. For more information see our page on Support available for children in need.

  • I’m subject to a child protection plan what does this mean?

    If Children’s Services believe you are at risk of harm then they can put you on a child protection plan which sets out what your parents and carers must do to keep you safe. You may need to meet regularly with a social worker to check that you are safe.