Foster care

What is foster care?

If you can’t live with your parents, you may be placed in foster care. This means that you will live with a foster family in a safe, loving and caring environment. Foster families have been chosen specially to care for children who can’t live with their own families.

Living in foster care will not take away the legal responsibility that your birth parents have for you. It is often used to give temporary care while your parents get help with the problems which caused you to come into foster care. It can also be long term.

Your foster parents will have day to day responsibility for your care and they must make sure that you are kept safe and healthy.

Can I still see my family?

Just because you live in foster care does not mean that you are unable to have contact with your family. A Social Worker will discuss the contact arrangements with you and you will have a chance to say what you want to happen. You can also get an advocate to help with speaking to the Social Worker about contact and your care. Contact may not be suitable if for some reason it would not be safe for you.

For more information see Advocacy and Contact with family members whilst I’m in care.


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