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This section is about your education and going to school. It looks at what can be done if you are being bullied, need extra help at school or if you have been excluded from school.


  • The school have confiscated my mobile phone. Can they do this?

    Your school can confiscate your phone if you have used it to commit a crime or if the school behaviour policy says that phones are banned.  A member of staff can look at data on the phone if there is good reason to do so and can delete files or images if they have been or could be used to cause harm, disrupt teaching or break school rules.

    If you are suspected to have done something illegal, information held on your phone may be passed to the police. For more information, see Can I be searched at school.

  • Can my parent(s) see my school records without my consent?

    Your school records will have information on your progress at school, any reports and any letters between the school and you and/or your parents. Your parents can see this on your behalf but if you do not want them to see it you should speak to your Headteacher and explain why you do not want them to see it. For more information, see Education records.

  • What can I do If I'm struggling at school?

    Your school should provide you with extra support if you find school difficult. For example, they can help you with reading, writing, making friends and talking to adults and organising yourself and your schoolwork. You should speak to your parents and class teacher or SENCO if you need extra help. For more information, see Getting extra help in school.