Mobile safety

Mobile phones are a key part of most people’s life, but it is important to be aware of the potential risks and dangers that come along with it. The following ‘mobile safety tips’ will go a long way to keeping you safe whilst using your mobile phone:

Mobile phone number

Only give your phone number to people that you know and trust. Never post your number on the internet or in an app.


Lock your phone with a PIN number. This means that only you will be able to unlock and have access to your phone. Do not tell anyone this number.

Personal information

Do not post personal information, such as email address, home address or mobile number anywhere, or tell anyone that you do not trust.

Emergency contacts

Add contacts to your phone who you would contact in the event of an emergency, for example a parent or relative. Make sure these are on speed-dial or in your favourites.

Unknown contact

Do not answer calls or respond to texts from an unknown/withheld number.

Mobile phone plan

Talk with your parents about your phone usage allowance and keep track of how much you are using. Going over your contract limits can be very expensive.


Almost all mobile phones have access to the internet. You should talk to your parents about enabling a parental lock, as this will protect you from a lot of the dangers that exist online.

Location services

Turn off location services if you are posting information on the internet or a social media application as this might accidentally tell people where you are.