What if I can’t go to school?

What happens to my education if I can’t go to school?

If you can’t go to school because you have been permanently excluded, because you have a long term illness, or for any other reason, for example you are being bullied, your Local Authority must find other education for you. For example, you may be sent to a Pupil Referral Unit, or be educated at home or in hospital. It is the Local Authority’s job to make sure that the education is right for your age, level and ability.

If you want to ask the Local Authority for this alternative education, you will need to provide evidence such as a letter from your doctor or teachers.

Can I be sent away from school for bad behaviour?

In some circumstances a school can send you off site for education to improve your behaviour. This decision should not be taken lightly and clear information must be given to you and your parents about where you are going, why you have to go, how long for and when it will be looked at again so that you can return to school.