If you are in care by agreement of your parents or under a care order (a looked-after child), you may be entitled to an advocate. An advocate’s role is to help you express your wishes and feelings to Children’s Services. You may feel that you’re not being listened to about what happens to you. An advocate will help to protect your rights and give you a voice.

Advocates are independent from Children’s Services and  help you make your views known.

What can an advocate help me with?

An advocate may be able to help you if:

  • you are unhappy with how you are being cared for
  • you are angry or upset
  • you feel you have not been treated fairly
  • someone hasn’t done something they said they would
  • you have a complaint.

What does an advocate do?

An advocate will:

  • Make your wishes and feelings known
  • Attend important meetings with the Local Authority or school on your behalf
  • Provide information and advice to you
  • Help you in making a complaint
  • Talk to social workers and other professionals.

If you would like further information on getting an advocate speak to your Social Worker or your Independent Reviewing Officer.

Advocacy services

Find out how you can access support with this issue by contacting the Coram Voice free Advocacy Helpline for Children and Young People on 0808 800 5792 or visit



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