Education records

What are education records?

Your education record is a document which is kept by your school and will contain a lot of your personal information such as academic achievement, teacher reports, and letters between the school and your parents. Your school will also hold personal information such as your name, address and date of birth.

Can I see what is in my education record?

You have a right to look at your own education record and your parents can also access this information on your behalf.

Access to your education record will not be allowed in certain circumstances; for example, where the information might cause serious harm to the physical or mental health of you or someone else.

Can my education record be shared?

Your personal information could be shared internally, for example to a teacher within your school or externally, for example to an organisation such as the Police or Children’s Services.

Your personal information is private and therefore your school should seek your consent before sharing. However, there are a few occasions when a school will share your personal information without your consent. This will be done if it is really necessary to do so – for example, if you are at risk of immediate harm.

What If I am unhappy about how my personal information has been shared?

Either you or your parents can make a complaint to the school. Each school should have their own safeguarding and confidentiality policy which will explain their legal rights and responsibilities in regard to how your personal information should be handled. For more information see Complaints to schools.