Medical needs in school

By law, schools have to give extra support to pupils who have medical conditions.

What should the school do?

Either you or your parent can request the school’s own policy on supporting pupils’ medical needs. The policy should set out:

  • what the school will do when told that a pupil has a medical condition
  • how the school handles prescription medicines at school
  • which member of staff has main responsibility for the medical policy
  • any training for staff to deal with medical needs when pupils control their own health needs and medicines
  • details of individual healthcare plans
  • what will happen if there is a medical emergency
  • arrangements for medical support on school trips and during sport at school.

Do I need a doctor’s diagnosis?

You do not need a formal diagnosis by a doctor before a school supports you. Your Headteacher will decide whether to provide support and what that support will be. In making their decision, you and your parents must be given a chance to give your views, and show evidence of your needs.

What is an Individual Healthcare Plan?

If your medical condition and requirements are complex, the school may give you an Individual Healthcare Plan. This will set out:

  • what needs to be done
  • when this will be done
  • who will do it.

You should be spoken to and listened to when the plan is being written.