Home education

Can I be educated at home?

Your parents, by law, must make sure that you get education between the ages of 5 and 16. Most parents do this by sending a child to school, but attending school is not the only option. You and your parents can choose home education instead if you both prefer and this is perfectly legal. This means your parents can teach you at home.

If you are unhappy at school, it may be worth talking to your parents about home education.

What do I have to study?

Your parents do not have to be qualified teachers or have any relevant qualifications but the education received must be ‘suitable’. This means, the education must be:

  • Full time – but you do not need to have a timetable or follow school hours.
  • Efficient – the education must do what it is supposed to, but you don’t need to sit exams.
  • Suitable to your age and ability and any Special Educational Needs or disabilities that you may have.

The Local Authority has to check that your home education is suitable. As long as the Local Authority is happy that you are getting the right level of education, they will not make you attend school. However, if the Local Authority feel that the education is not suitable, the Local Authority may get an order from the court which requires you to attend School.