School uniform

Do schools have to have a school uniform?

Schools do not legally have to have a school uniform, but most schools do. Your school’s governing body will decide the uniform policy.

Do I have to wear a school uniform?

If your school has a uniform you should follow it and can be punished if you do not. A school may send you home to get changed if you do not follow it, but they must think about:

  • Your age
  • How far away you live from school
  • Where your parents are.

A school can also exclude you for a number of days for not following the uniform policy, for example, by dyeing your hair a bright colour or by getting a piercing. This must be a reasonable and fair decision by the Headteacher. For more information, see: Exclusions and Discipline.

Schools must also make sure that they do not discriminate against you. For example, if you cannot cut your hair because of your religion or you need to wear a head-dress, the school should take this into account.

What can I do if I do not agree with the uniform policy?

If you or your parents are unhappy about the school uniform policy, you can make a complaint to the school. For more information, see: Complaints to schools.