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LawStuff gives free legal information to young people.

LawStuff is run by the Coram Children’s Legal Centre, which provides more detailed information both over the phone and online.

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What’s on this site, in detail


This part is all about Law Enforcement. It looks at what the police are allowed to do, what to do if you are a victim or a witness, or if you have been accused of a crime.

Social Services

This part is all about the Social Services. It looks at everything to do with adoption, what the government can do for you in terms of legal aid and housing, and everything about children in care.


This part is all about going to school. It looks at everything to do with bullying, what happens if you are expelled or can’t go to school, what the school is allowed to do and what they have to do to keep you safe.

Not from the UK

This part gives you information about what your ‘immigration status’ might be, as well as the support or benefits you are entitled to if you are not from the UK.

Home and family

This part is all about things that happen at home. It looks at everything to do with adoption, contact with your family, abuse, and parental consent.

At what age can I…

This part is all about what age you’re allowed to do stuff in the UK. It covers things you’re allowed to do at any age, right up to things you’re not allowed to do until you’re 21. You can read this page as a timeline until you find your age, or you can search by what you want to do, to see if you’re allowed to do it yet.

Abuse and bullying

This part is all about Abuse and Bullying. It goes into what different forms of bullying and abuse are, whose job it is to help you and who you can go to for extra help if you need it.

Sex, drugs and health

This part deals with everything to do with your health. It looks at consent, rape and sexting, as well as the legal status of drugs.

My rights

This part is all about your rights as a young person. It looks at legal aid, your rights to work or social support, your rights to get married or give consent, as well as your human rights in general.

Online safety

This part is all about being safe online. It deals with online pornography, how to clear your browser history, keeping your passwords safe, and how to deal with cyber bullying.


This is a collection of all the words that we thought might be new to you. Please let us know if you’ve seen a word you don’t understand, and which isn’t defined in this glossary, by filling in this form.

Who’s who

This part is all about who’s who in the professional world. It tells you about everyone to do with the courts, social services, adoption advisors or your Local Authority.